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Casual, street and sport outfit!!!

Girl's size: 80/86
In Stock

A timeless tunic with an oversized cut and a modern print - perfect for a girl to go to school, on a playground, for a walk, shopping or going to the cinema.

Cotton knitted fabric nice to the touch does not irritate the skin, it drapes beautifully in motion. Comfortable and original cut, pockets in the side seams, 3/4 sleeves will provide comfort for every little outfit, additionally makes this dress an all-year-round proposition.

Thanks to the version of the dress for mom - you can create a mom and daughter outfit, as well as for the WHOLE FAMILY.

This dress will impress everywhere!


The dimensions of the dress flat is +/- 1 cm

80/86 - length: 46 cm; the widest part of the hips: 36.5 cm; sleeve length: 26.5 cm

92.98 - length: 50 cm; the widest part of the hips: 39 cm; sleeve length: 29 cm

104/110 - length: 55 cm; the widest part of the hips: 40.5 cm; sleeve length: 29 cm

116/122 - length: 59 cm; the widest part of the hips: 41.5 cm; sleeve length: 30 cm

128/134 - length: 68 cm; the widest part of the hips: 44 cm; sleeve length: 33 cm

140/146 - length: 75 cm; the widest part of the hips: 47.5 cm; sleeve length: 40 cm



Machine wash delicate; water temp up to 85F

Wash with detergent for colors

Do not bleach

Do not dry clean

Do not dry directly in sunlight

Lay flat to dry


Weight: 240-250 g/m2

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