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Tunic, dress, sweatshirt - three in one! This is possible!

Color: Granatowy
Girl's size: 80/86
In Stock

The simple cut of the tunic is broken by the original hood with a chimney, which looks perfect on the head, and lowered on the back, it creates "water" in the front.

Pockets in the side seams, a welt at the bottom, which when pulled up at the hips, gives the tunic a new application - it becomes a sweatshirt that can be worn with baggy pants, which creates a beautiful set.

The tunic thanks to its oversized cut does not restrict movement, is very comfortable and fits beautifully on a little girl on the move.

The tunic will be perfect for a family styling, during a family trip to the cinema, for a walk, during a photo session, but also great for kindergarten or school.

Thanks to the other clothes from this collection, you can create a beautiful family outfit!

Flat tunic dimensions:

80/86: length - 46 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 37 cm
92/98: length - 50 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 39 cm
104/110: length - 55 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 41 cm
116/122: length - 61 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 43 cm
128/134: length - 67 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 45 cm
140/146: length - 75 cm; hips (the widest part of the dress) - 46 cm

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