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The long Lovemade sweatshirt with a hood for girls is based on fashion trends for adults.

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Color: Butelkowa zieleń
Girl's size: 92/98
In Stock

The bottom of the sweatshirt is finished with a wide welt, the top with an original hood, which looks stylish, but also provides protection during uncertain weather. At the front and on the back, at the bottom of the sweatshirt, there is an asymmetrical cut with a decorative seam.

The main advantages of this sweatshirt is swashbuckling and original cut and a loose cut that does not restrict movement and at the same time gives many possibilities to combine with other clothes. You can use our hoodie as a sports dress, but also combine it with jeans or leggings. An additional advantage is the pockets in the side seams, which are loved so much by little fashionista.

The knitted fabric from which the sweatshirt is made deserves attention. Soft, pleasant to the touch cotton with a beautiful, saturated red color.

Sweatshirt is designed for girls aged from one to 12 years (check the dimensions of the sweatshirt flat).

The sweatshirt is also available in women's sizes, so you can complete a twin set of mother and daughter.

You can choose a CAP of the same color with the sweatshirt.

Flat hoodie dimensions:

80/86: total length: 46 cm armpit width: 32 cm sleeve length: 36.5 cm hips width: 32 cm

92/98: total length: 52 cm armpit width: 34 cm sleeve length: 40 cm hips width: 34 cm

104/110: total length: 59 cm armpit width: 37 cm sleeve length: 45.5 cm hips width: 37 cm

116/122: total length: 69 cm armpit width: 38 cm sleeve length: 47 cm hips width: 39 cm

128/134: total length: 77 cm armpit width: 39 cm sleeve length: 50.5 cm hips width: 39 cm

140/146: total length: 85 cm armpit width: 41 cm sleeve length: 54.5 cm hips width: 44 cm

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