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Splendid dresses for mother and daughter!


Fashion for mom and daughter dresses and they are increasingly appearing on social media, photo shoots and on the streets.

This time we present you a delightful set of two dresses from the FRILLS collection.

Advantages of dresses:

- first of alll original cut,  that suits both mother and daughter (which is very important in this type of sets)

- non-obvious color and high-quality fabric. In the close-up you can see the fabric, on the photo  looks like heather color 

- charming frill, very girly look . It arranges itself wonderfully in motion.

-  ¾ sleeves, and pockets in the side seams, very comfortable thanks to material

The dress is finished with attention to every detail, and made from high quality knitwear (70% viscose; 30% PES)

This set of dresses for mother and daughter is unique. You can use this set for  Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and everyday stilziations.

An additional advantage is the fact that is can be worn year-round. 

Dimensions of the dress flat:

XS / S - dress length: 99 cm; sleeve length: 40 cm bust: 40 cm (for women up to 90 cm in the bust)

M - dress length: 100 cm; sleeve length: 42 cm bust: 42 cm (for women up to 100 cm in the bust)

L / XL - dress length: 100 cm; sleeve length: 46.5 cm bust: 45 cm (for women up to 110/115 cm in the bust)

92/98 - length of dresses: 49 cm; armpit length: 28 cm; sleeve length: 20 cm

104/110 - length of dresses: 59 cm; armpit length: 29.5 cm; sleeve length: 22 cm

116/122 - dresses length: 66 cm; armpit length: 31 cm; sleeve length: 25 cm

128/134 - length of dresses: 75.5 cm; armpit length: 32 cm; sleeve length: 24 cm

140/146 - length of dresses: 81 cm; armpit length: 33 cm; sleeve length: 25 cm

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