Dresses for mother and daughter - "I feel Green"

A unique and original Mum & Daughter set that can be worn everyday or on special occasions!

Rozmiar Damy
Rozmiar Małej Damy

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Dresses are sewn from double layered fabric. The double fold gives the character to the set and it makes it unconventional. This time Mum gets the darker shade and the lighter goes to the Daughter. The double fold is the matching element. In Mums outfit it is in the back, in daughters in the front. It matches the colour of each lady’s outfit. This element makes the dresses a perfect duo and it shows that mum and daughter doesn’t have to wear identical dresses to create beautiful matching set. Style of the dress is very comfortable, feminine and versatile. Loose style of the dress can hide all the imperfections or can be worn by pregnant woman

Dresses available in two colour versions:

For Mummy – Dark green with double fold in light green shade

For Daughter – Light green with double fold in dark green colour 

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