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This set of oversized tunics is a perfect look for a modern mother and daughter


This set of oversized tunics is a perfect look for a modern mother and daughter providing ease, comfort, and universal style. The secret of this set, lies primarily in the unique cut. The seemingly simple cut of the tunic has a captivating hood that protects against cold and wind while perfectly surrounding the head, giving this style a modern feel. It falls beautifully on the shoulders creating a “waterfall" effect in the front. Another distinctive element of this set is the remarkable color will make you stand out in a spring landscape.

The loose cut that conceals any imperfections, does not restrict movement, arranges well when in motion and works for a mother with a tummy.

These are not the only advantages of this set! You can wear it as a tunic, but also thanks to the elastic at the bottom, it can be pulled up and used as a sweatshirt worn with jeans or leggings.

Additional advantages are pockets in the side seams, which are practical, but also allow for cool styling of the tunic.

The tunics are sewn with great care and attention to every detail.

Where can a mom and daughter wear this style? First of all, this set can be used every day: to school and work, but also while spending family time together at the movies, shopping, or taking a walk. Moms and daughters can emphasize their uniqueness. It is also ideally suited for family photo sessions, because sets are also available for fathers and sons.

Purchase as a set for Mother and Daughter or adult and child dresses are also sold separately.

1. Casual, street and sport outfit
2. Natural high-quality fabric that is very comfortable to wear!
3. Made in Poland!

** Dimensions of the dress flat **
Size XS/S
Lenght: 91 cm/35,83''
Hips: the widest place of the dress - 56 cm / 22,05"
Bust: up to 94 cm/37,01"

Size M/L
Lenght: 94 cm/37,01"
Hips: the widest place of the dress - 58 cm / 22,83"
Bust: from 94cm/37,01" to 98 cm/ 38,58"

Size XL
Lenght: 98 cm/38,58"
Hips: the widest place of the dress - 61 cm /24,02"
Bust: from 98cm/38,58" to 104 cm/40,94"

Every part of the dress stretches up to 5cm.

Lenght of girl's tunc:
80/86 – 46 cm/18,11"
92/98 - 50 cm/ 19,69"
104/110 – 55 cm/21,65"
116/122 – 62 cm /24,41"
128 - 134 – 67 cm/26,38"
140/146 - 71 cm/27,95"

Weight: 240-250 g/m2

Dress: 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Machine wash delicate; water temp up to 85F
Wash with detergent for colors
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean

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