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Fashionable and practical baggy pants with a drop crotch

Color: Karmelowy
Rozmiar dziecka: 80/86
In Stock

Pants with a slightly lowered crotch, made of soft, caramel-colored cotton fabric. Finished with a welt at the top, and thanks to the cotton string, you can perfectly adjust their width to the child's waist.

The charm of the pants is in the cut - longer, narrow legs finished with a ribbing, so that they can slightly wrinkle on the calf, thanks to which the pants are arranged in an effective way, and thus they can serve the child longer.

Comfortable, they do not restrict movement in any way, the caramel color is broken by the contrasting gray string in the cuff and the leather with the Lovemade logo sewn just below the belt. Two practical pockets in the same color as the trousers on the front. Another advantage of the pants is the fact that they can be worn all year round, perfect for a walk, to kindergarten school, and thanks to the possibility of choosing a family set, they are eagerly bought by you for photo sessions. Unisex pants - suitable for both a boy and a girl.

Dimensions of the trousers flat - the length of the leg from the waist to the welt:
80/86 - 47 cm (+/- 1 cm)
92/98 - 56 cm (+/- 1 cm)
104/110 - 63 cm (+/- 1 cm)
116/122 - 72 cm (+/- 1 cm)
128/134 - 79 cm (+/- 1 cm)

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