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Polka dots are a hit this season!!!

Kolor Damy : Niebieski w białe grochy
Woman Size: 34/36
In Stock

A summertime proposition that is perfect not only for the beach or vacation, but also for a party or an elegant outing. A dress with many possibilities. The main advantages of this cut are: 

- beautiful fabric with fashionable and timeless colors 

- adjustable length depending on the binding at the neck

- ability to change the style: loose; tied at the waist, tied at the waist with blouse on top

- straps at the top can be tied either on the shoulder, but also on the back - depending on your taste

- the possibility of many stylizations depending on accesories 

Polka dots are a hit this season, but at the same time they are timeless and belong to the classics. This dress is an undeniable summer must-have in the wardrobe of every modern woman who likes comfortable, practical, and interesting solutions.

Available also matching dress for girl. 

Dimensions of the dress on flat:

XS/S - lenght of dress: 89 cm +/- 1 cm,bust: 83-90 cm 

M - lenght of dress: 92 cm +/- 1 cm, bust: 91-94 cm 

L - lenght of dress: 95 cm +/- 1 cm, bust: 95-98 cm 

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