Set of blouses for mother and daughter "Cream White"

Family look - set of blouses for mother and daughter.

Rozmiar Damy
Rozmiar Małej Damy

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Blouses with double fold is a proposition for mom and daughter who value comfort, versatility, elegance and style. The attention-grabbing accent in the form of a beautifully decaying double fold on the back is the decoration of the front of the daughter's blouse and the back of the mother's blouse. Thanks to this the set is interesting and original. Both blouses have a slightly extended back.  On what occasions mom and daughter can use these blouses? With the appropriate stylisation for very elegant celebrations such as family reunions, birthdays, holidays, weddings, Christmas, but also check with jeans, for example for your common trip to the cinema, shopping or a walk.

Blouses available in three colours: cream white, powder pink, deep red.