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Lovemade - Tak się zaczęło

How did this all start?

I have always known that where an idea meets with passion, commitment and hard work - great things can be created! It all started a quarter of a century ago ... with a dark blue dress that my mother gave me when I was a little girl. It was the unique dress, because it was made of the scraps of my mother's skirt material ... you can read more below.


My dream and mission is to give mothers and their children this feeling of pride and joy when they walk together in common styling in everyday reality.

Celebrate the moments and enjoy of them because they create our lives!

Take care of your memories and I will take care of their beautiful setting!

My brand is not only outfits for mother and daughter, but also clothes for women. I am a woman, wife, mother and CEO. Maybe sometimes overworked and busy, but one who likes to stop by the mirror and sigh with a smile: "Magda, you are a great woman".

I proudly present to you a product that is refined in every detail, which I was created with your needs, requirements in mind, and above all, to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in it, exceptionally! And finally when you will open the package from us, hope you would smile to yourself in the mirror with pride and tenderness. This will be the greatest reward for me!

Lovemade - Misja
Lovemade - jak możemy sie spotkać

Where can we meet ...

Well ... I'm also an extreme extrovert and talker - so whenever you have questions about a product or order - feel free to contact with me and call on: 696086290 or write to: - I will be happy to advise you and for sure I will help with your choice.

If you are from Warsaw or around the city, I invite you to the Showroom in Warsaw's Wola district for coffee, chatting and shopping together. Before that, just give me a call and confirm that I am there.