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Dresses for mother and daughter will make every, even an ordinary outgoing, an extraordinary adventure and guarantee your well-being.

The Lovemade brand was created especially for mothers looking for original outfits for themselves and their daughters. Clothes for mom and daughter don't have to be boring! You will find here a rich collection for many occasions and celebrations for everyday.

Original patterns, high-quality and natural materials are the features that distinguish the Lovemade brand on the clothing market. Our offer includes dresses for mothers and daughters, the same as dresses for mothers and daughters, which differ from each other, emphasizing the individual character of each of the ladies.

We dress mother and daughter for elegant celebrations, but also thanks to the offer of casual clothes - every day.

Why is it worth to have mother and daughter dresses  in your collection?

- first, they skillfully combine the classics with the modern basic style and match many styles.

charming frill at the bottom makes the whole look very girly. It looks wonderfully in motion.

- a dress made of pleasant to the touch, fleshy cotton knit, which makes it airy and comfortable.

provides a stylish and modern look, and at the same time gives maximum of comfort.

Dresses for mother and daughter are beautifully and carefully sewn,

Lovemade - original mother and daughter dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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